MiDAS Driver Training

Does your group use a minibus for outings? Is your driver suitably qualified?

We provide Minibus Awareness Training Scheme (MiDAS) training – a nationally recognized standard for assessing and training minibus drivers.

Our trainers are qualified, professional and friendly. Year after year we train teachers, youth group leaders, care home workers, students and many more to enhance their driving standards and promote the safe operation of minibuses.

Our competitively priced course is tailored to meet specific needs and as we are a social enterprise, profit generated goes straight back into the communities we serve.


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Course outline

  • The MiDAS Driving Assessment

    Topics include:

    • Course introduction and module outline

    • Introduction to MiDAS

    • The role of the Driver Assessor/Trainer (DAT)

    • Planning assessment routes

    • Pre-assessment procedures

    • Undertaking a MiDAS driving assessment

    • Assessments skills (on-road practical session)

    • Monitoring driving standards

    • Conclusion  

  • Theory Training for Standard Drivers 

    Topics include:

    • Introduction and module outline

    • Techniques for driving skills training

    • Identification and correction of driving faults

    • Reversing and manoeuvering

    • Defensive driving

    • Legal requirements for minibus drivers

    • Health and safety

    • Passenger safety

    • Child passenger safety

    • Personal safety

    • Breakdown, accident and emergency procedures

    • Conclusion

  • Theory and Practical Training for Accessible Drivers 

    Topics include:

    • Introduction and module outline 

    • Professional etiquette and passenger awareness

    • Assisting a passenger with hearing loss 

    • Assisting a passenger with a visual impairment

    • Passengers with walking difficulties

    • Assisting wheelchair users

    • Using passenger lifts and ramps

    • Wheelchair tie-down systems

    • Passenger restraint systems for wheelchair users

    • Practical assessments:

      • Passenger lifts

      • Wheelchair Tie-down and Occupant Restraint Systems (WTORS)

    • Additional legislation and codes of practice

    • Conclusion

Course length

The driving assessment (module 1) normally takes place on a different day to the classroom session (modules 2 and 3). Please allow approximately 45 minutes for the driving assessment.

You will require a day to complete modules 2 and 3 which are usually held between 9.00am and 3.00pm.


£98 per person


D1 Training with NATA

The minimum age for this licence is 18 years old and you must hold a full Cat B (car) and Provisional Cat D1 licence. There are specific rules for under 21s to drive please refer to DVLA website.

In order to undertake the training, you must first go through the following stages:

  1. Obtain the required application pack D2 & D4(can be downloaded from dvla website or I can supply them)

  1. Get your doctor or training body to carry out the required medical completing the D2 form

  1. You complete the D4 provisional Cat D1 application form

  1. You send both the D2 & D4 along with both parts of your existing licence to DVLA Swansea. There is NO FEE to pay and 10-15 working days later you should receive your new licence

  1. Study for the theory test, we can supply the training books and discs

  1. Pass the required theory test. The test is now a two-part test and can be sat one after the other

  • Part 1 – 100 multiple choice questions (you must get 85 correct from the possible 100)

  • Part 2 – Hazard perception 19 film clips from which you must correctly indicate developing hazards in this part of the test you must achieve a score of 67 out of the available 100.

  1. Having passed the theory/hazard perception tests you can now undertake the practical driver training.  Train to the DSA test standard and take the test.

  1. You must also complete the remaining elements of the Initial Drivers CPC before you can transport passengers for hire or reward.

On passing these tests: you are licensed to drive a vehicle with between 9 and 16 passenger seats.  You can tow a trailer however it must not exceed 750kg.


CPC module 2 & 4 explained

Initial CPC qualification

The initial qualification is for anyone who passed their full D1 minibus test after the 10th September 2008 and is getting paid to drive a minibus.

The overall initial qualification consists of 4 modules with the 2 relating to Driver CPC being modules 2 and 4.

Module 2 of the Driver CPC is a computer based theory test which includes 7 case study test parts with 6 to 8 questions per case study. The maximum amount of points is 50 with a pass mark of 40 for a PCV vehicle.

This test is undertaken at any DSA Pearson Theory Test Centre where you took your Theory and Hazard Perception tests.

Module 4 of the Driver CPC is the Vehicle Safety Demonstration and will require you to answer a number of questions whilst around the vehicle, they can include,

  • security of the vehicle and its contents

  • paying attention to safety rules and using the vehicle properly

  • ability to load the vehicle

  • ability to prevent criminality and trafficking in illegal immigrants

  • ability to assess emergency situations

  • ability to prevent physical risk

  • ability to complete a physical, walk round vehicle safety check.

Please note CPC INITIAL is only required if you are driving for PROFIT

Driving Training

20 hours’ driver training is the recommended amount before sitting the practical test. This can vary.


Theory (Multiple Choice)       –       £26.00

Theory (hazard perception)   –       £11.00

Practical Driving Test            –       £115.00

Training based on 20 hours’ @ £32.00* per hour is £640.00

TOTAL                              –       £792.00



CPC module 2                     –       £23.00

CPC module 4                     –       £55.00

*this includes the use of our vehicle for training and also for the Practical test.

Any further question please contact John Fullerton our qualified MiDAS/Driving Instructor

North Area Transport Association (NATA)

59 Charles Street | Royston

Glasgow | G21 2PR

Tel: 0141-548 1565

Fax: 0141-552 7399

Email: training@natatransport.co.uk